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Equality Street Inc (EQS) is a boutique digital recruitment agency dedicated to connecting organizations with top-tier Salesforce talent. With a focus on partnering with multinational corporations, consulting firms, and organizations building their Salesforce Centre of Excellence, we excel in identifying exceptional candidates tailored to individual client needs. Our leadership team leverages market trends and research to ensure optimal hiring outcomes.

Equality Street partners with Non-profit organizations who assist with identification, training and certification of new talent.



Quality-driven Approach

At EQS, we prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to recruitment. Our team is committed to delivering pre-vetted candidates, significantly increasing your success rate with onboarding new talent. By thoroughly screening and evaluating potential candidates, we provide employers with a highly qualified pool of candidates who align with their requirements and expectations.

Social Impact

A core principle of EQS is our dedication to identifying and developing talent from underrepresented groups. We actively collaborate with clients to design programs that support their diversity and employment equity targets. Additionally, we partner with non-profit organizations specializing in training and certification of new talent, fostering inclusive opportunities in the industry.

Collaboration: Forging Strong Relationships

EQS is passionate about creating highly collaborative relationships with our employers. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge and extensive network within the Salesforce ecosystem, we expertly match the right candidates with the right roles. By working closely with our clients, we ensure a seamless and efficient recruitment process that yields successful outcomes.

Trust: Responsive and Reliable

Whether it's a complex search or a time-sensitive temporary assignment, we prioritize providing immediate and practical solutions. Accessibility and fast turnaround times are paramount in meeting the needs of both employers and job seekers. At EQS, we foster a collaborative process defined by trust and insight. We actively listen to employers' specifications and evolving requirements, offering creative options that align with their goals. 

Inclusion: Unveiling Hidden Potential

Our goal is to present candidates in the best possible light, showcasing their experience and skills to even the most discerning clients. Through meticulous analysis of each potential candidate's skill set and personal goals, we unearth unique abilities that may not be immediately apparent from their resume alone. We believe in providing comprehensive representations of candidates, enabling employers to make informed decisions and discover exceptional talent.

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